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Sadie...and company

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Sadie is a 1 1/2 year old Great Dane that was bred near the end of February.  She had an uneventful pregnancy.  Here is a radiograph of her abdomen about 2 weeks before she whelped.  The first photo shows the entire abdomen with 9 fetuses in uterus.  The second photo is a close up of two of the fetuses in her uterus.  The fetuses appear normal.

This radiograph showed 9 puppies inside of her.

Here are 2 skulls and 2 spines.

Sadie whelped all ten puppies on April 12th.  The last puppy born was still born.  She had 5 males and 4 females.  Her labor lasted for 12 hours.  She is taking excellent care of all the puppies.  The following pictures are of her newborn puppies at 4 days old. 

Sadie does her job very well. They love sleeping together.

A dog's gestation is 63 days +/- 3 days or so.  It is recommended to have a pre-whelping exam on your female.  An ultrasound exam may be performed around 25 days, although we can only check for heartbeats, not count the total number.  Radiographs are best performed between 45-50 days of pregnancy and will give you an idea of how many puppies to expect.  If you are considering docking tails or removing dewclaws, it is required to do so by the time the puppies are 4 days old.  If you have any questions regarding whelping, please call our office or visit our pet library on the website!!!