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Pet Health Insurance???
Pet insurance has been available in the U.S. for over 20 years, yet less than 1% of the 140 million pets in this country are insured. In comparison, 49% if dog and/or cat owners in Sweden have insurance, as do 12% of dog/cat owners in the UK.
San Juan Veterinary Hospital recommends VPI Pet Insurance for anyone who owns a dog or cat. Everyone benefits from pet insurance.
Benefits for the pet:
Besides being one of life’s purest joys, owning a pet is also a substantial responsibility. VPI Pet Insurance helps you meet that responsibility in a number of ways.
The pet receives the best care. You can do what is best for the pet because cost is not the overriding factor in health care decisions. This brings peace of mind to policyholders, knowing they can enjoy life with their pet, no matter what.
Pets get more frequent care. Studies show that owners of insured pets visit the veterinarian more frequently than owners of non-insured pets. This means veterinary professionals can better monitor pets and catch minor health problems early.
Pets get regular wellness care. Most policyholders add the Pet Wellness Protection Coverage, which helps pay for wellness care. These pets receive more preventive care, keeping them healthier.
Benefits for the Pet Owner:
Peace of mind. VPI Pet Insurance assists you with the unexpected costs due to accidents and illnesses. From minor problems to life-threatening situations, VPI Pet Insurance makes necessary care and sophisticated treatments more affordable.
Hassle-Free. Pet owners can visit any licensed veterinarian, anywhere---including veterinary specialists. Pre-authorization is not required. This is beneficial if pet owners travel with their pet, or if their pet needs emergency care.
How VPI Pet Insurance Works
The pet owner enrolls the pet in a VPI Pet Insurance policy and pays the premium to VPI. If that pet suffers an accident, illness or a disease, the policy will help pay for:
  • Office visits and physicals examinations
  • Diagnostic tests and laboratory fees
  • Medical treatments
  • Prescription medication
  • Surgeries and anesthesia
  • Radiographs and other imaging techniques
  • Hospitalizations
Here are the simple steps owners of VPI-insured pets follow:
  1. The owner may take their pet to any licensed veterinarian anywhere (including specialists or emergency centers0 for diagnosis and treatment.
  2. The owner pays the veterinary hospital for services and/or products received.
  3. The owner submits the completed claim form with the original itemized hospital receipt to VPI.
  4. VPI processes the completed claim.
  5. VPI sends the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) letter and/or a reimbursement check to the policy holder.
Enrolling is easy—simply go to or call 800-USA-PETS