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PreventiCare Program
In 1997, Pfizer Animal Health introduced an equine wellness program called PreventiCare. The core principles behind PreventiCare are as important today as they were back then. Preventive health care allows your veterinarian to identify and treat problems before they threaten the health of your horse, and become costly to you. The partnership that forms when you and your veterinarian work together provides the best care possible for you horse. 
By enrolling your horse in PreventiCare each year, you are not only providing the best care possible, but you will also be eligible for the Colic Assistance Plan, a benefit of being a PreventiCare member. 
An Overview of the PreventiCare Program
PreventiCare incorporates five basic health care requirements to be administered by your veterinarian:
  1. An annual physical exam
  2. An annual dental exam, plus any suggested care.
  3. Annual immunizations as determined by the enrolling veterinarian.
  4. Daily feeding of STRONGID C or STRONGID C 2X, which must be purchased through your enrolling veterinarian.
  5. Twice-yearly treatments with EQUIMAX paste or EQUELL paste, which must be purchased through your enrolling veterinarian.
There are three enrollment disqualifiers:
  1. Any horse that has had previous colic surgery
  2. Any horse that has experienced colic in the past 12 months, or has a history of chronic colic.
  3. Any horse under five months, or not fully weaned from its mother, or any horse over 20 years of age. Horses that are over 20 years of age, and were officially enrolled before turning 20 years, can be re-enrolled through 24 years of age. If enrollment lapses at any time after are 20, that horse may not be re-enrolled. Donkeys and mules are not eligible.
The Colic Assistance Plan
One in ten horses each year suffers from colic, an intestinal twisting, obstruction or discomfort that can be caused by many different things—including intestinal parasites. Some colics simply pass on their own; some can be treated by your veterinarian. In severe cases, your horse may require an emergency surgery. And that’s where the Colic Assistance Plan from Pfizer Animal Health can literally be a life-saver.
If a horse properly enrolled and following the quidelines of the PreventiCare program suffers a case of colic serious enough to require surgery, Pfizer Animal Health will reimburse you for surgical costs and three days of aftercare, up to $5,000.
PreventiCare and the Colic Assistance Plan are not insurance, or a guarantee that your horse will never experience colic. However, a well-structured, veterinarian-supervised, preventive health care program such as PreventiCare will likely have a positive effect on your horse’s risk of disease and colic.
The Colic Assistance Plan gives you peace of mind knowing that if a colic should occur—and your horse is in compliance with the rules of the program—you can do what’s best when your horse needs it most.
Please familiarize yourself with the Term and Conditions of the Colic Assistance Plan, available online at  The Terms and Conditions include complete details on the program’s structure and reimbursement assistance.
To enroll your horse in the PreventiCare Program call our office to make an appointment or if you have questions about the program please feel free to call our office at 264-2629.