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Kitzel's Top 10 List of Varmits in Pagosa
Spring is finally on its way!!!  But along with the emerging green grass and budding trees, we are also seeing a re-emerging of varmits that play havoc on our pets.

#10.  Black bears and Mountain Lions

Bears tend to play more havoc on our trash, but once they learn to go for livestock, there is no going back.  Many of the bears will return to the crime scene for more action.  For your pets protection and the bears, do not give them any reason to hang around your place from the start.

I have only seen 2 DOW documented cases of Mountain Lion attacks.  The "prey" rarely survives.

#9.  Birds of Prey

Large birds can easily take small dogs and cats.  Provide plenty of hiding spots for outdoor pets.

#8.  Bees and Wasps

     Every year I see a large number of dogs come in with swollen faces.  Although they look like they got into a bar room brawl; they have often snapped and successfully caught a bee in midair.  There are other causes of swollen faces, so have your vet check them out.

#7.  Prairie Dogs

     Cute Right?  But not the holes they dig----I have seen several horses with broken legs due to stepping in a prairie dog hole.  They also carry fleas that spread plague---yes the Black Plague ---not good for cats, dogs, or people.

#6.  Deer flies, horse flies, and no-see-ums

     Gourmet dining for a fly seems to always include "Sheath de Equid".  Every year I will see epidemics of horribly uncorftable horses with severely swollen sheaths .

#5.  Deer

     They may look like Bambie, but if concerned they can turn into Bambo.  I have sutured up lacerations on dogs that when chasing a deer out of the yard were very surprise when the deer turned and chased back.

#4.  Giardia

     Ahh!  Fresh mountain river water--that may be what Coors wants your to think.  But our mountain water is full of bacteria and parasites like Giardia that not only dirupt our GI system, it does a fine jub on our dogs stomach as well.

#3.  Skunks

They may not kill your pet, but you might wish you could bury them---a long, long way from your home.  Try our de-scenting formula---it helps a bit.

#2.  Porcupines

     These little characters are perhaps the biggest wildlife supporter or our hospital.  By the way, the "tricks" for pulling quills DO NOT WORK.  Do not cut the quills, dip in turpentine, or wait 5 days for them to fall out.  The only trick that helps get quills out is sedation by a veterinarian.

#1.  Killer Mice

     "Bobby" our clinic cat asked me to warn all kittes---There are killer mice.  One day last summer I drove into the clinic to watch Bobby (our normally avid hunter) have it out with a small field mouse.  The mouse was on its haunches boxing Bobby in the face.  Bobby was so shocked and surprised, he had no other choice but to retreat.

                                Bobby 0                      Mice 1