San Juan Veterinary Hospital

2197 E Hwy 160
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147


          Along with the excellent health care your pet recieves at San Juan Veterinary Hospital, we provide boarding services for healthy pets.  Science Diet puppy/kitten and adult dry food is included twice daily during your pets stay.  All dogs are walked two to three times daily during their stay.


          In order to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our pets, we require all boarders to provide current vaccination records.  If your pet is not current, we will update their vaccines, at the owners expense.

Pets with Medications:

 Pets that require medications during their stay will be "hospitalized".  These pets require special attention from our health care team. 

Special Services:
This is an ideal time to have your pet's other needs attended to while staying at San Juan Veterinary Hospital.  Dental procedures, vaccination updates, routine bloodwork and wellness exams are all available to your pet during its stay for an additional charge.


General Information:

Boarding       Hospitalized  
Dog <20lbs $22.00     Dog <20 lbs $26.00
Dog 21-50lbs $24.00     Dog 21-50 lbs. $28.00
Dog >51lbs $26.00     Dog >51lbs. $30.00
Cat $19.00     Cat $23.00

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