December 2007


River was brought to San Juan Veterinary Hospital in September for a right hind limb fracture. She was a very excitable 2 month old chocolate lab mix puppy that loved attention. She had been hit by a car and in need of veterinary care.

River quickly won the hearts of everyone in the hospital and recieved a lot of special attention.

A bandage was placed on her leg until surgery could be performed. She was kept on antibiotics and pain medications to help her feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, the leg had fractured through the growth plate of the right femur. This means that if the bones were re-aligned, the leg would not grow as long as her other leg. River's best chance for a long, comfortable life was to amputate the right leg.
River was an excellent patient during surgery and handled the anesthesia very well. She stayed in the hospital for about 1 week total. Her recovery was excellent and she is running and playing like a normal puppy.

River playing tug-o-war a few days after surgery.

River is dressed as a skunk at our halloween party, running through the cones!!!


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