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Deworming recommendations

There are two methods used for deworming horses. The first method is to administer paste dewormers  every 8-12 weeks. The second method is to keep the horse on a daily dewormer and paste deworm twice a year.

Protocol #1 Pulse Rotation


We recommend that you rotate dewormers throughout the year using the following rotation:

Equell (Ivermectin):
  Safe for use in pregnant mares and foals >2mos of age. 
Use after fall freeze to kill bots.

Strongid (pyrantel pamoate):
  Safe for use in pregnant mares and foals >2mos of age.

Panacur (fenbendazole):
  Safe for use in pregnant mares and safe for newborn foals.

Equimax (ivermectin/praziquantal):
  Safe for use in pregnant mares and foals >2mos.


We recommend deworming horses at the following time intervals:

Foals:  Begin deworming program at 2 months of age, then repeat every 2 months until 2 years old.

Adult pleasures horses:          Deworm every 3 months.

Pregnant mares/Traveling horses:     Deworm every 2 months. 

Protocol #2 Daily Deworming

  We support the use of Pfizer's PreventiCare Program.  Please use the following link to find out more information on the PreventiCare Program.

Note* Before starting the continuous deworming program, deworm with Equimax, Quest or a Panacur Power Pac.