March 2008


Cinnamon is a 5 month old male lionhead rabbit. He was presented to San Juan Veterinary Hospital for a castration. He appears to be a healthy rabbit and is ready for surgery. Rabbits are given a shot in the muscle to anesthetize them and their anesthesia is maintained by a mask. The following pictures are from Cinnamon's surgery and recovery.

There are many reasons to spay or neuter your pet rabbit. These procedures will result in a calmer, friendlier rabbit. They will typically get along with other rabbits better as well. It is recommended to have your rabbit spayed or neutered around 6 months of age. One of the main advantages of having your rabbit spayed is the prevention of uterine cancer. Female rabbits can develop uterine cancer, which may be life-threatening. Male rabbits can also develop testicular cancer. By performing a spay or neuter on you rabbit will eliminate the risk of reproductive cancer. The other main advantage of this procedure is the elimination of reproductive capability. You will not have to worry about accidentally having an extra litter.

If you have any questions regarding having your rabbit spayed or neutered, please call us at (970) 264-2629.


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