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Domino is a 1 year old Jack Russell Terrier.  She is a playful dog, with a big dog attitude.  She was out with her tow other Jack Russell friends in early May and came across a porcupine.  This porcupine was not as excited to her as she was to see it.  The three Jack Russell thought they could take on this little creature.  As the following pictures show, they all lost.  Domino received the most quills of the three. 

Here are her pictures...

What wre you looking at?

Nice face shot

I am so embarrassed!!!

As you can see, Domino was hit on the side of the face, the muzzle, both front legs and along her belly. Although all three dogs tried vigilantly to get the porcupine, it lived:)

No Description
Porcupine = 3      Dogs = 0

Porcupines keep us very busy this time of year.  When your dog decides to make friends with a porcupine, chances are they will need to see a veterinarian to have the quills removed.  We will sedate your dog to assist in a complete exam.  This will help us find all the quills.  Occasionally, a quill will be missed and need to be removed later.  We will also send you home with pain medication for your dog. 

If you have any other questions regarding Porcupine quills and their removal, please call our office at 264-2629.